As a creative, I'm always looking for new ways to expand and grow my craft.
Below are a few of my latest projects.


Thank you for viewing my portfolio! I’m a writer, editor, and storyteller for all kinds of media. Specializing in creating content and branding that works, I’m an experienced marketing leader that has served many different industries from the corporate environment to in-house consulting to running a startup. Having participated at every level of the creative process, I’m comfortable rolling up my sleeves and working side-by-side with my team, leading by example to get results. Below you’ll find a small collection of my work. 

COVID-19 Telehealth Campaign 

In March 2020, a small leadership team pulled together to make sure clients had the tools they needed to effectively reach their patients. Working with product, dev, sales, support and services, we put together a comprehensive offering that allowed clients to be up and running on telehealth in a matter of days. From a marketing standpoint, my role was to bring everything together in a polished format. 


This included standing up a COVID-19 resource site for clients, designing presentation materials, writing documentation and patient guides, recording new patient videos, and working with the sales team on multiple webinars, press opportunities, collateral and more. Below is a sampling of the many pieces created in just a few short weeks. 



After the initial campaign push, 119 organizations purchased Telehealth, which will generate millions in revenue over the next 36 months. With a successful implementation strategy, the list of clients using our Telehealth functionality continues to grow. 


Demand Generation Campaign

In partnership with Microsoft, my team launched a six-week campaign (12/28 – 2/8) for Allscripts to drive awareness and lead generation for FollowMyHealth in the US.  


The campaign centered around a customer testimonial video and e-book. Assets included: 


  • Gated Asset
  • Landing Page
  • Demand Gen Email
  • 3 Nurture Emails
  • Thank You Email

eHealth Partner Campaign

In partnership with eHealth, we launched our largest consumer campaign to date, delivering information to a total addressable market of 2.2 million FollowMyHealth users. This campaign generated hundreds of thousands of additional revenue for our business unit. 


I reworked eHealth’s recommended copy to better fit our brand and user base, designed the email, and sent the campaign using FollowMyHealth’s email provider. 


  • Open Rate: 37% 
  • CTR: 2.19% 

Consulting Projects

While working at Daugherty Business Solutions, I had the pleasure of consulting for companies like Delta Airlines, Anheuser-Busch, Walgreens, UCare, and more. 


Many projects centered around understanding complex IT projects and translating them into easily understandable internal communication campaigns. The video for Anheuser-Busch was part of an internal training effort to help those on the line understand how to better optimize their line during a shift. We also created videos to help promote their data analytics projects as seen in the FCAT introduction video. I was part of a two-person writing and production team who created the videos for the team in St. Louis. 

Delta Airlines


For Delta, we produced an awareness campaign for a new Customer Intelligence Hub that brought all their data together and allowed teams to see a 360 degree view of their customers. I spent a few weeks in Atlanta interviewing key users to create an internal campaign featuring an internal logo, posters, internal launch emails, and templates for continued communication after our departure. 

Rebranding Project

The FollowMyHealth brand didn’t have a strong presence in the marketplace after being acquired by Allscripts. All marketing was pulled in-house and marketed under the Allscripts brand. Prior to acquisition, the business also allowed clients to brand the name FollowMyHealth as they pleased, which meant there were many versions of FollowMyHealth in the market. 


I led the effort to re-establish FollowMyHealth as its own brand with a fresh new look, creating the brand guide and leading client webinars to showcase our new strategy. Since its launch in 2017, we’ve continued to elevate and push the brand to create a unique look in Healthcare IT. 


Film Projects

Must Fool Everyone


I’m always working on additional projects outside of work to fuel creativity. In 2017, I was the assistant director for the independent film Must Fool Everyone in St. Louis. The film was accepted into the Los Angeles CineFest and Universal Film Festival (where our lead actor also won Best Actor).  

This has also led to the development of a pilot television show about St. Louis. I directed and edited the first two episodes with close friends Angela and Benjamin Hochman. Watch the intro to the show for a sneak peek.